"Ace What Everyone Else Flubs"

To stand out from the crowd, demonstrate the skill that recruiters have the most difficult time finding: Strategic Thinking

The second most common feedback I get about my courses (the most common is: "there's so much reading!") is how beneficial the courses are to ace job interviews. Here are a few examples:

“I benefited tremendously from your IT course which led me to this corporate strategy role. The senior director who interviewed me was very impressed by the strategic thinking I showed in data center infrastructure, virtualization, and big data. Thank you for giving us such a great class and I’m sure I can apply a lot of learning to this job.”
“Yours were the best two classes that I have attended and seminal to my view of the technology world... I just accepted a Sr. Business Development role. In my final interview with the head of BD, we got into a discussion around business models for Red Hat Linux, Canonical, etc. Your class was point on and I could impress the interviewer to no end. I have now aced multiple interviews and your course continues to be the best investment I have done.”