Are Seismic Shifts About to Occur for nVidia on Multiple Fronts?

nVidia is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the emergence of technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality. But forces, some slowly building up over many years, threaten to cause potentially irreparable harm to nVidia's business model. Identify the threats (there are multiple) and the choices nVidia faces for each threat: should the company seek new ground (and if so, where?) or attempt to protect its existing territory (and if so, how?)?

This is one of several optional topics in Cloud Computing and Device Platforms & Business Models. We discuss these and related questions as long as there is sufficient student participation from the relevant constituencies (nVidia and key rivals) to create a compelling and lively in-class debate.  For a preview in 140 characters or less, follow @StrategyTMT