Software May Be Eating the World But Pizza Fuels the Software Business in More Ways Than One

Where would the software business be without pizza?  Not only has pizza fed hackers since the slide rule era but most (perhaps even all) business model innovations in software have been inspired (whether consciously or not) by pizza. So grab a slice and ponder which pizza innovation led to which software innovation. The photo gallery below may (or may not) serve as inspiration.

First Course: Describe these software business model innovations in terms of pizza.

  1. Open source permissive license
  2. Code provenance
  3. On-premise private cloud
  4. Multi-tenant SaaS application

Second Course: Describe these pizza innovations in terms of software.

  1. Pizza delivery
  2. Take & bake pizza
  3. BYO (Build Your Own) pizza a la Blaze
  4. Make Your Own pizza meal kit a la Blue Apron
  5. BOTW (Baked On The Way) pizza a la Zume

Learning to move easily between the world of software and the world of pizza is an essential life skill, not likely to be automated by AI anytime soon!

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