Unparalleled Course Portfolio

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The StrategyTMT course portfolio spans 10 courses comprising over 250 hours of course material, a combination of breadth and depth of coverage not available anywhere else, not even at the world's top business schools.

The curriculum at legacy business schools is backward looking emphasizing the research interests and makeup of the faculty (including those whose activity peaked decades ago) rather than forward looking focusing on the career aspirations and interests of students. 

StrategyTMT courses are designed around industry or market-specific topics and are self-contained: Concepts and terminology from a variety of disciplines (from engineering to economics & public policy) are introduced as we perform deep dives into the past, present, and future of the Telecom/Media/Technology industries.

Begin with Strategy in Practice, the industry-agnostic core course and prerequisite for all TMT elective courses.

Then, choose from nine follow-on courses provide in-depth discussions of strategy in various market segments within both the Telecom/Media/Technology industries as well as traditional industries impacted by innovations in TMT.